• Proiecte de succes
  • Swine and cattle slaughterhouse
  • Meat processing factory
  • Swine breeding farm (10.000 pigs)
  • New production unit for raw-dried salami
  • Milk cattle farm

The mission


To provide premium consulting services for grants, in order to maximize the percentage of successful applications and the absorbtion degree of funds contracted for each project.

The competence of our team and the experience of more than 14 years in preparation and implementation of the financing projects is supporting our mission.

The results of our work have been emphasized in more than 98 % percentage of successful applications and in more than 95 % degree of absorbtion of the funds contracted for each project.

More than a half of our clients have made two or more projects with EUROCONSULT.

The values


We understand to respect the following values:

    - professionalism

    - honestity

    - focusing to results

    - continuous perfectioning




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