Our specialists have relevant experience in preparation of the applications, the feasibility studies and business plans, and also in running the aquisition procedures and reimbursement of expenses according to the requests of the different financing programmes. We have valuable colaborators in the field of the construction projects and also in the field of processing technologies, in the field of agriculture and fishery products, animal breeding and crops and also renewable energies.

Cristian Gherman – the coordinator, has an educational background in engineering, a M. Sc. in Finance and many post-graduate courses in the field of project management, business valuation, real estate valuation, investment consulting, etc.
He is Project Management Institute (PMI) member, Romanian National Valuation Association (ANEVAR) member and licensed by Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) as investment advisor.

Expert with more than 14 years of experience in preparation of applications, feasibility studies and business plans for projects for EU grants. He has prepared and implemented projects for EU grants of more than 40,0 mil. through the programmes Phare, Sapard, Romanian Government, FEADR, etc.

Colaborator on the sector of ”Economic competitivity” for the elaboration of Regional Development Plan 2007 -2013, West Region, Romania.

He was independent valuer for technical – economical valuation of more than 200 projects for EU grants in the framework of the programmes PHARE – CBC 2000 Romania – Hungary, Phare 2004 – 2006 Regional infrastructure projects, Regional Operational Programme (POR) 2008, respectively IPA – CBC Romania – Serbia 2009.

He has a relevant experience in the field of project management and business consulting.

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